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Dumb Question

How do you use fonts from the computer to print titles and journaling for your paper scrapbooking

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I have always, just printed them and cropped them to how I want them to look. I don't do anything special. Here are a few that I have done like that. It usually takes me a few times to figure out what size font I want it though.

This one the journaling was typed and printed.

On this one, the words "Ruthie's" and "first" was printed.

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I have installed about 100 fonts on my computers just for scrapbooking. Wink I just print out what I want on cardstock, changing the color as needed. Then I resize it on the computer, changing margins, and then cut the cardstock to fit where I need it to on the page.

On the soccer page I just did, I did the title on the 'puter.

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wow you guys are dedicated paper scrappers..... I love digi for reasons like this. It is a quick 4 step process in PS, no paper cuts included Wink

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I will just open a Word Doc or Publisher Doc and type something up, then cut it out. I know some girls have the Cricut machines though, and those seem so nice!!