During the Playoffs...

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During the Playoffs...

I was able to get some scrapping done! K, I did start earlier than the games, but who's looking at the time? You guys have totally inspired me last week, I just can't seem to stop now, arg! Here's what I did last night and today:

Our first attempt at potty training. FYI ~ Bah means stinky in dutch. She says this everytime she poops!

My lil Ruthie(Hailey):

5 Generations. At the top is my gma and my mom, middle is me, Hai, ggpa and his bro, bottom is Kai n Bren in 2000

My not so lil Kai (Kylie) who thought that the first cake on the left was her real bday cake made by her bro. We got a good laugh!

And finally my firstborn at age 9. Doesn't he look so young and innocent? I love this pic!

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wow, you have been busy! I love to get on a roll like that and get a lot done. These are all great. That second one is so cool!

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I love the potty one! So cute!

the rest are great too! I love all the colors.

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Wow, you got a lot done! Great job on all of them!

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You have been busy! LOVE all these, and yes, your son does look sweet and innocent. Is he not?? LOL

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Thanks guys! I feel a bit accomplished for once in a long time and hope that it continues!

"K9Trainer" wrote:

You have been busy! LOVE all these, and yes, your son does look sweet and innocent. Is he not?? LOL

At 19 and a college froshie now, I would think it's safe to say he really has worn some of that innocence off!

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great work! You are uber talented!:D

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Fabulous pages! I couldn't even pick a favorite. you have such a cool style! What a treat for us to look at. Smile

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Ooh, so much fun to look at these! Seriously, so much attention to detail. I love it!

The potty one is very cute, but so are all of the other ones...great job, mama!

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holy busy-ness Batman!!!

I'm loving that first one, that's great! And it's so neat to see your other kids in the other layouts. Poor Kylie with the cake! And Brendon is so sweet in the last one. The generations is very cool, I wish my grandparents had lived long enough for something like that.

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Those are all great! And I have to say the potty training one is my fave, with the crown lol.