Dylan 4 month LO

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Dylan 4 month LO

linked for credits Smile

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Awesome! Love the colors!

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Totally love the colors!

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Me too! My first thought was "wow, this color combo is awesome". Smile Great work Carrie!!

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Aw, too cute! She is so adorable.

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Another great page!

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Yikes! I just realized I forgot to put her name on it! I've done it on the rest so I'd better do it here. Smile

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Oooh... I love the black. These templates are really helping you rock it for her months pages!

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These monthly layouts are going to look fabulous when you get them printed and in a book side-by-side eachother! So cute!

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I just love all these month LOs that you do! Another great one!

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Okay, it looks really black on my computer at work - the background is really a dark chocolate brown. Smile

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is it just me or did you use more pictures for 4 than any of the others? Wink cute layout!

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