Dylan's 8 month LO

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Dylan's 8 month LO

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cute, that is one BRIGHT green! Lol

just one suggestion, put the "eight months" at the same angle/slant as the journaling. just looks a little off the way it is. but maybe you meant to do that, in which case, ignore me.

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Very cute! Looks great!

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So cute. I really like that fence! Your girls are going to love these month pages when they get older!

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Love it! I opened the post looking for the pics to be in the # 8 and they were. Love how you did that for each month.

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LOVE the colors of this one Carrie. NIce work.

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Ha ha! Thanks, Gwen! I noticed the angle right after I posted. I've fixed it but didn't have time to re-upload. Smile

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I love her expressions this month. She's really come alive personality wise in pictures now!

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She is getting so expressive, and I can't believe she's 8 months already! Love it!

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Awesome! Love the bright color.

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Mish and Trina - she's 9 months now if you can believe that! Her 9 month apt is on Wedneday. Smile

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Love it!! Biggrin

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I still absolutely love how you put all the pictures in the number!