Easter LO's

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Easter LO's

I'm not fond of either of these LO's. I feel that as soon as Mojo came, Mojo left. :confused:Oh well! TFL!

And a card I made my sister for her bridal shower.

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I like them!! They are really cool looking! (You had real ducks!?!) That's so awesome!

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For some reason I'm not able to view all of the pictures (just my computer being dumb) but I can see the card and I love it!! Biggrin

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I think they look great! That must have been awesome for Kayson to get real chicks for Easter! Smile

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Yes, he sure loved his chick! Of course I did too! Smile Sooo cute!

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What is this talk about Mojo leaving? I LOVE these LOs and the card. The dots and bold colors in the first LO are fantastic - that's my favorite!

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what you talking about? Smile Those are cute! i really like those layouts. I like the chicks too Biggrin but wait... are they colored? how did that happen? lol

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Your "no mojo" LOs are really terrific. I wish mine looked that good on my "no mojo" days. And those chicks are too cute. I would love to do something like that for Brooklynn. But then again she is always scared of everything so she would have probably screemed everytime one even looked at her. LOL

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I think they look GREAT!!! and I just love the card!!!:D

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i absolutely love the one with the chicks. love the background and everything about it

you have some very cute "chunky monkeys" in your family I must say

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Thank you all for the sweet compliments! I dunno...there's just something about them I don't like.

"sweetalienchick" wrote:

I like the chicks too Biggrin but wait... are they colored? how did that happen? lol

I asked the same thing! I guess they dunk them in dye when they are born. {Poor things!} But they are so cute colored.

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Charys - well, I tell you one thing, I'd like to have some of your non-mojo, that's for sure! I think those layouts are fantastic! I love the vibrant colors on the first one. and the second one is just adorable. I can't believe those chicks are different colors! neat that his chick will live on at GiGi's house. Smile great card too! (sent you an email, go check it)

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I LOVE the boldness on the first one! Very neat! My mom and dad use to buy chicks like that at Easter time! They are so cute! I think they also bought ducks. Looks like you had a good Easter. I don't think they are bad at all! I adore the way you did four different backgrounds on the 2nd one. I am going to have to try that! That card is very pretty! TFS!

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I can't even fathom how you could do the first one. It's amazing with the colors and swirls. How did you do it? I love the colored chicks and the card is amazing as always.

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The paper in the first one has all the pretty stuff on it! It's from Urban Lily....I LOVE their papers!!! It's so easy to just add photos and viola...a great page. Smile Actually, the page I made doesn't even do the pp justice.

This is where I bought that paper.

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no, I think you still have your mojo, those look so great! Very cute LO's! Biggrin

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those are great!! I love that first one---I have those little egg embellies from michaels too Smile