Editing blown spots?

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Editing blown spots?

I know there are a couple of you here that are awesome at photoshop, so I am asking for some help.
I have this pic of my Grandparents that I want edited. I don't know how (or if I even can) fix the blown spot on my Grandma's face. This is the pic right off the camera, so it is not edited at all.
I have the other editing done and saved in a different file. So any advice/tutorials on fixing blown spots?

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sadly, once it's blown, it's blown. you can't recover the details. if you want to email me the original, I can play with it some to see if I can help at all. but I am not sure it's something I can tackle today (I'm about to do Natalie's 4 year portraits and I'm behind on other editing)

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I don't even know what a blown spot is.

So I'm no help. LOL

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I have PSE 7. I will try to play with it a little more later. I just didn't know if there was some magic trick that I didn't know about;)

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your blinkie is hilarious!!!