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Election LO

I did this during the VC but I just wanted to show it off (again). I felt so much emotion on election day (more then I can ever recall) and it was Karl's first presidential election. So I had to scrapbook it! I have the paper from the day after and I'll copy those on to acid free paper:) and scrap those on the back side of this page. I've decided to start an album purely for "historical" events. Kind of like the papers we have from my grammy about Pearl Harbor and walking on the moon, but capturing our personal emotions. I might include his bday news papers in there as well.

Anyway here is the page:

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How neat!!! What a terrific idea. TFS

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Great idea to do an album about historic moments! There are times in my life when I wish I had wrote down my thoughts about world events (like Canada's first female Prime Minister, 9/11, etc).

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Neat idea!

I love that you have the journaling on there.

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That really was a great idea! The journaling is what makes this page so fullm of emotion...good job!

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I love that!! What a super idea.

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What a great idea! You did a good job!

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I think a historic book is a fabulous idea. Your page will be so precious in years to come.

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that's such a neat idea, and a great layout!! I wish I had felt as passionate about a candidate this time around ... I just couldn't wait for it to all be over with, I was so sick of it all by the end.