Eleven months (and a vent)

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Eleven months (and a vent)

My kids are all fighting, I hear the girls crying. Andrew's home sick again ... I can't take it anymore! Because even when he's "sick" he's still a jerk to his sisters. It is making me insane. I'm hiding from them ... and of course, as I am typing they're all invading this room. Calgon take me away! The good news is that I have a mom's night tonight, the first one in over a month. I wish I could leave right now.

Anyhow, here's Jack's 11 month layout. I'm almost done with his baby book, hooray!!! I need to put more page protectors in, I don't even have enough empty ones for this layout. In fact, I have a one sided page that I will need to fill with something. Ugh.

This layout took me DAYS to do, I just didn't the complete chunk of time to do it in one sitting. And there was a lot of cutting involved, I went through a lot of photos trying to get these shapes right (so I have some funny shaped trimmed photos).

I'm rambling, here's the layout.

And the journaling:

It’s another busy month

for you. You cut three teeth this

month, wow! And your hair is growing

like wild … Daddy likes to put it in a ponytail

to emphasize the fact that you need another

haircut. Crazy daddy! But you sure look cute

with your hair pulled up. You’re a happy boy

who really enjoys going to the pool (although,

you weren’t too sure the first time we went).

You love when I pull you through the

water and hold you in the air. You

also like sitting in the shallow end

and just playing in the water.

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Did you cut that all by hand??? That page rocks!!! Sorry about the kids.

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"tialee" wrote:

Did you cut that all by hand??? That page rocks!!! Sorry about the kids.

I did cut it all by hand. I used a template, but struggled getting it the right size, as the original template was 8.5x11 and the layout is 12x12

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LOL remember the days and hours are long and the years are short...

The LO is beautiful and well worth having to get it cut right

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I like the shape of the pics! How'd you do that?

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I really love the page, it flows so well and the colors are perfect.

And I *totally* hear you about needing a break, I need one today too. Have fun at your ladies night!

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That turned out awesome, Gwen!!! I love the wave!

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Wow, I know that took a lot of time, but it's worth it! That turned out so cool!

Ugh, sorry about the kiddos acting up! Every mom deserves a nice break every now and then. I hope you can get one ASAP.

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thanks girls! just got home from my night out, and had a nice time. and the first bar had a new grape vodka .. it was wonderful with sugar free Red Bull. ROFL I so needed a night out!

"SnowWhite9028" wrote:

I like the shape of the pics! How'd you do that?

I got the template here - http://www.creatingkeepsakes.com/articles/paper_carving_templates

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terrific layout(s). Looks great! Sorry you are feeling so overwhelmed...It's tough having one who thrives on picking on the others. Been there with my own brother (even though he was younger than all of us girls).... I know you've probably tried everything already but I know what helped my brother one day when he was about 10 was having my good friend talk to him "man to man"...I was 16 at the time mind you but it still fits...he talked to him about how uncool it was to be that way to your sisters and that it was his job to protect us as he was like a man of the house....at least that's what he said he told him anyway...I still wonder if he threatened his life (lol) because that same day and onwards my brother became one of the sweetest souls you could meet. I mean, from literally breaking my arm one day, to playing boardgames with me all night the next day. If it makes you feel any better, me and my siblings are close now and my brother is one of my very best friends in the world.

If nothing else works, tell him if he keeps torturing his sisters you are going to get his teacher to give 10 times as much homework just to him to keep him busy with that while his sisters play. lol

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Wow Karen...what an amazing story!! I am a firm believer in the role of the father/male model in our young sons lives, particularly as they get to be about 8-10 years old. I see a HUGE difference in my son after he spends time with his father and can tell when he needs to spend some time. I also know that it's so hard to be home and want to do things and can't because kids are fighting, crying, whatever. HUGS Gwen.

On another note, your pages are AWESOME!! Love that circle with the phrases on it and love how you cut the photos. It's all really good!!

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I really like how you did the pictures! I bet it took forever, but it looks awesome.

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I absolutely LOVE this LO! I am definitely saving this in my scraplift folder!

Sorry to hear you had a rough day but glad to hear you had a good time out with the girls!

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Can't see the pics, b/c of photobucket here at work. :confused:

Sorry about the kids. Mommies need a break and you deserve it! Enjoy it hon!

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Sadie, I put them in Flickr for you




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Awesome job Gwen!! Smile