Eli's first birthday party pics! (ot)

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Eli's first birthday party pics! (ot)

this was a fun day..but it was looooong. and Eli was soooo tired before the end of it! Good think he got a nap right before!

Nana (my mom) and Eli

Me, Eli and Tyler (Aja-catwmn0079's baby)

The tent my mom got him..lol i saw this at target when i was there with her, and i thought it was soooo cute. i didn't realize how HUGE it was lol.

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TFS - those pics are so cute! It looks like he had a blast and got some great things. Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed that cake, too. Smile

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Wow! He got a TON of stuff!

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He knew exactly what to do with his cake huh?! Lol He is too cute for words and you look great! Looks like he got tons of stuff and had lots of fun! TFS!

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It looks like he had a great birthday and made out like a bandit!

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Look at all that great stuff he got. I love the shark Lol

The cake is cool. I love it. You got some great pictures of him eating his cake too.

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Wow! That looks like so much fun! What great toys he got! (I bet he's going to love that 4-wheeler!!) That shark tent looks awesome! - if i had a bigger place, I would so get that for my daughter! Great pictures - can't wait to see them scrapped. TFS!

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tfs... he is so adorable and it looks like he had alot of fun. especially w his buddy tyler.
the kawasaki looks like it would be a blast to play with

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That tent is really neat! Did you make the cake yourself?

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Awww! What great pics!! Looks like it was a fun day!

We also have a huge tent from Ikea. Sure looked a fine size in the store, but now it is collapsed in the closet most of the time LOL It does set up quickly when we need a quick change of pace though Wink

Happy (belated) birthday, Eli!

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Looks like Eli had a wonderful birthday!! That shark tent is too cute!!

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"slurpeegirl13" wrote:

That tent is really neat! Did you make the cake yourself?

haha i wish! i ordered it from Bel-Air it was sooo yummy!

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You got some great pics there. It looks like he had fun!

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Wow!! Looks like he got some great stuff and I love that tent. I bet he will have so much fun with it.

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What a great birthday! He really did have a good haul for his birthday didn't he! And that tent is adorable!

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I love the cake. It really looks like Eli had a great 1st birthday; it especially looks like he enjoyed his cake.

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great pictures! love the cake, wihash I could have had some. Smile and love the birthday boy , too sweet! that's one cool tent!

I didn't realize you knew Aja, maybe I'm out of the loop. small world/board.