embossing powders Q

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embossing powders Q

i saw them on sale at a good price at ac moore but have no clue what to use them for....


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You use them to stamp embossed images. You need embossing ink pads first and then you stamp the image, sprinkle with the powder and use a heat gun (or other heat source) to emboss the image.

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I use them alot, but I would recommend a heat gun (sort of like a super hot hairdryer) you can get them fairly cheap at craft stores. I used to hold the sheet over a stove burner but it ended up curling the paper (not so nice looking)

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I used to use a clothes iron to heat mine Smile

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a clothes iron? What a cool idea!

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I got my embossing gun for about $12 at AC Moore on sale. And I took advantage of the current sale to buy a new bottle this weekend. Wink I only have three so far though.