Embossing questions

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Embossing questions

Not heat embossing, but machine embossing, that is.

I want to buy a Cuttlebug but before I do, I want to make sure that makes sense. I have an old school Sizzix (so not the Big Shot) and I'm wondering if I should look into embossing folders for that. Does that even make sense? I'm extremely limited in the size of what I'm embossing due to the size of the Sizzix. I don't know what sizes the Cuttlebug embosses though. I'm not even sure what I will use it for - I just love the look of embossed paper so I know I'll use it for cards, but don't know about layouts. Probably though, now that I'm thinking about it.

I got a $25 gift card from Michaels for Christmas and Cuttlebug is on sale there for 50% off this week.

For those who do emboss, I'd love to hear from you - what do you have, what have you tried, what do you recommend?


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I've looked into them before... I believe the largest embossing size is A4 and sometimes 4x6.

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I wanted that machine so badly, but then I got my cricut and didn't want to emboss any more.. I mean I may want it in the future. But I used to emboss with the kind where you put the paper inbetween two plastic pieces and you pin it to a board and trace it that way. But that killed my hand so I stopped.

It sucks that it doesn't come any bigger. And I definitely would not recommend going with the hand embossing, if you can get the bug... Why not upgrade while you can:)

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I don't use mine for dies really anymore. I have a few alphabet but I prefer the cricut.

A4 is the size of the embossing folders BUT I have found that you can cheat a little to get more. You can run part of your cardstock through and then flip it and run the other part and then where the two meet and you have a crease, just add ribbon or a strip of paper. Hope that makes sense.

I LOVE the embossing. So, for me I am glad I got one. It's a really good deal to get them 50% off. Also, I have folders on ebay pretty cheap and they are so light that shipping is barely anything.

I say go for it- but I have spending issues per my hubby ;)!!! ROFL

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I've just recently started wanting one. Haven't done any dry embossing, but love the look.
Hmmm....50% off is a good deal.

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I just got one for Christmas, I used a 50% of coupon at Michaels to get it. DH was sick, and I went because the coupon was only good for a couple of days. I love it so far. I will probably mostly use it for cardmaking, although I did cut out the fairy from paper doll dress up and then I ran her wings through the swirl embossing folder and her dress through the swiss dots folder and it looked pretty neat. Then I lightly inked the embossed parts to give it some depth. I put it on a card, but I thought about using it for embellishments for scrapbooking also.