Entire Birth LO

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Entire Birth LO

Here is my entire birth LO I just finished.

Here are the pages individually....

and here it is all together

UGH! why is my camera being a piece of crap today? sorry the pics aren't that good.

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Perfect! I especially like how you overlapped the photos and all the journaling included!!

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I love it!

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Great job!! The look really good!!

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P.e.r.f.e.c.t!!! Tfs

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Its cute! Smile i love the colors Biggrin ... i don't get the "has a name" part though. its just me i'm sure Blum 3 i'd love it if you could clear that up for me! Biggrin

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Lovely job! I really love the layout. Smile

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They look really great! Love the colors you used!

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I love everything about it! It is just adorable! Perfect colors and everything!

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thats beautiful! awesome job!

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I LOVE them, you did a great job! The colors are all so good together!

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Great job!! I love the photo grouping you did.

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I love the colors and the layout itself, you did a fantastic job!

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Very nice!!

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Oh so sweet! That will be great to look back on - especially with all of the journaling you did.

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that's beautiful!!!! I love the journaling on the right hand side on the middle page, it came out so nice!