For Erin - Good Night Moon

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For Erin - Good Night Moon

So I've been quoting Good Night Moon in my FB status before I go to bed. It's a staple in this house, every child here has had it read to them almost every night until they were about 2. Jack knows that Good Night Moon means bedtime.

Anyhow, the kids get to a point where they memorize it, it's so cute. This is an OLD layout, but I'm posting it for Erin. She replied to my status last night and said that she doesn't know this book. So I wanted to show it to her.

The entire book is written out to the left. I know it by heart, when there's no time to read it, I turn out the lights and just recite it to Jack. So in this layout, Andrew is "reading" the book to Jordan (who had just turned 2 here). Andrew actually started to read a few months after these were taken (he is 4 months shy of 4 here).

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cute cute cute!!

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Very cute! i will have to look into that book for Joshua and stephen!

Also love the new siggy! Very cute!

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What a cute theme! You did a perfect job of making it work with the book cover too. Perfect memory to scrap!

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I remember Goodnight Moon!!! And Kayson doesn't have that one!! I need to get it now. And it's absolutely darling!

PS Your siggy pic is my new favorite pic of yours'!

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How cute!! Xavier actually checked this book out from the library last week when DH took him to get new books! We have read it about a million times already! Smile He loves it too! Smile