even more cards! lol

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even more cards! lol

These are some birthday cards I made family who's birthdays are all in the coming days/weeks...

The "forever young" one is for my annoying BIL lol. He acts like a complete ape. Lol I figured forever young suited him well. lol

the dylan one is for my nephew turning 2

for my nephew turning 5 (same pattern as one I did in my Grandma's set but by nephew in this case I actually mean good friend's son so those 2 same cards will never cross. lol.....and for my father in law

and for my little brother's girlfriend

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I just love all the bright colors! So cool! Great job, TFS.

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Those are great, I love the last one best (girly colors lol)

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I love them! Again, your cards have a unique personal touch that really makes them special.

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Great work! They will love them because you made them, that is what makes them so special!

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Once again, great cards Karen.

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Great work again Karen! I love the style of your cards and know each person receiving them will love them!!!

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Sweet! I really want to sit down in the next year and make a HUGE stash of cards.

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oops. Double post.

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Great job on all of them!

I guess you must be free of daycare kids for a few days -- you seem to have gotten a lot done lately!

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great cards!!!!!