everyones layouts from this weekend...

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everyones layouts from this weekend...

Hey girls do you think we could post all the layouts here together. I would love to see them all but with all of the comments It is kinda hard to search for all the pages. I thought maybe this thread could be used for just pages. Hope you all don't mind:) I will go first






I have to take another pic of this page cause I wrote ALLOWED wrong!

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(I did another LO and a card, but I didn't take pics yet...will update later)

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Here are the ones I did this weekend:

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This is the only one i got done

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my very first paper layout Biggrin I am very proud of myself!

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Great idea, Tia! I missed so many of them!

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Yes, great idea! Everyone has wonderful pages. Here is what I got done thru yesterday.....

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I only did two layouts, both yesterday. Hoping that the next VC works with my schedule!

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I only got one done, but that's better than none! Smile

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Here are mine:

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Here are all of the pages I completed this weekend. Some were digi and some were not.

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great idea! Here are mine:

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Good idea! Its fun looking at all the LO's all at once!

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