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Thread: Expecting moms

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    Default Expecting moms

    How is it going Just thought I would check in on all of you expecting babies. This includes you too Kelly

    How much longer till baby is here?

    Do you have everything ready?

    Any nursery pics?

    How are you feeling right now?

    Congrats to you all

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    Yes, belly pics and nursery pics would be wonderful, along with an update
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    and name ideas

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    How much longer till baby is here? 33 more weeks. Gosh, saying it that way makes it seem like forever. Saying "I'm 7 weeks along" seems like I've progressed more.

    Do you have everything ready? Yeah, it's called having 3 older children. LOL We'll get the bassinet and stuff out closer to the date and when we know boy/girl

    Any nursery pics? This baby will sleep in a bassinet in our room for the first 4 months or so, in the living room the next few and then progress into the "nursery" (in the Peter Pan or Mary Poppins sort of sense of that word... all my kids share a room right now). We'll be buying bunk beds for Christmas. The eldest gets the top bunk and the next in line gets the choice of staying where her bed is currently located or having the lower bunk. Katie will get whatever Anna doesn't choose and move out of the crib for baby. When Caleb and Anna get older, we'll move them downstairs, but the basement bedrooms are really meant for teenagers and we can't have kids in them, so we make it work.

    How are you feeling right now? This week has been stressful so I've been a lot more tired. I'm starting to get those gagging moments but haven't been sick. It's more difficult this time because I'm determined to be healthy this pregnancy and not borderline gd or have to be induced from sustained high blood pressure, so we're (the doctor and I) limiting my diet, testing for food allergies, and really working at being lower sugar, right from the start. It's hard to not lean on carbs and nibble all day to help with the m/s but it's the best I've felt in a long time.

    Names? Well, we have them. But we're going to find out if this baby is a boy or a girl, so we don't want to share them so there is some surprise. Caleb had a really hard time adjusting to Katie being a girl (because somehow it became a game between him and Anna as to if Katie would be a boy or a girl and he was crushed when he lost... not at having a sister, but over losing... and called himself a loser for over a week). They're best of friends now. But I also really have my hopes on a boy and really felt like Katie was a boy. I loved her from the beginning and was excited to have her but yet at the same time felt like I "lost" my boy when she was born, if that make any sense. So we decided to find out this time around so we'd all have something to know and look forward to.
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    WHAT! Michelle! How did I not know that you were preg!? BIG HUGE congrats! Was this a planned 4th? Will this be the last or are you brave enough to have more?

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    Tia you are really sweet!

    How much longer till baby is here? Due date is July 30th but the birthmom goes this week and hopefully the doctor is going to give her a date for the induction. It is planned for a week early.

    Do you have everything ready? Working on it! I'm nervous about us traveling and not bringing the right things with us.

    Any nursery pics? I have the nursery pics on my blog. Just scroll down. I'm in the process of painting flowers too, so I'll update it when I'm done.

    How are you feeling right now? I posted a ? on the birth board that I hope to join soon! I wanted to know what kinds of things to bring with us on the trip and to the hospital. Someone told me large pads for bleeding and I died laughing. She must have missed the part about us adopting! That is one perk for us. I feel great and have a lot of energy. It will be nice to be physically well those first few weeks.

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    Tia you really are sweet to ask for updates on everyone. I just finally got the chance to logon after being gone all weekend...... so here you go, an update on me (us).

    How is it going: Everything is going good for the most part..... really happy with how well I've been feeling etc. Upset that we haven't found a house yet but I guess everything happens for a reason. We put a bid in on a house but it's short sale and after 2 1/2 months we still haven't heard whether they are accepting or not So we've basically placed it in the hands of God and kept looking at other houses but aren't finding much. We handed in our 60 day leaving notice to our landlord already so we have until july 31st.... so if we dont buy a house by then we have to resort to moving in with my parents (and brother) for at least a few months until we find something. So it will be helping them make space for us and adapting their finished basement and a couple other rooms to fit us. So not looking into moving......anyway

    How much longer till baby is here? less than 6 weeks!!!!

    Do you have everything ready? Well i kind of answered this in the above part but..... we have most of everything: bassinet, double stroller, car seat, pack and play, swing. Just have to get a few other things and we're waiting to buy the convertible crib until we have a house since the baby will be sleeping in our room for at least the first 6 months. Overall we have most things we need including tons of diapers, just have to get some bottles (having a hard time finding a store that carries breastflow bottles in the store), pacifiers, a sling and a couple other things. We're planning on throwing a welcome baby party when the baby arrives so everyone can meet him or her....so i didn't want to buy everything.

    Any nursery pics? Since we're in the middle of moving and dont have anything set up..... sorry no nursery pics.

    How are you feeling right now? good starting to feel pain everyday and more so when i get up in the morning. Been having pain shoot in my left hip and down my leg at points not really sure what that's all about. Going to ask the dr at my appt on thurs. Heartburn is being a pain in the butt, but all the milk i've been drinking helps alot.

    Again thanks for asking......

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    How is it going: Ok I guess. It has been a little better than my last two pregnancies.

    How much longer till baby is here? Well, theoretically 32 weeks. But I normally go over so 33 or 34 weeks

    Do you have everything ready? We have everything (cause of the other 2) it's just all in the attic.
    Parker is trying out his toddler bed today so that was really the only thing we needed to do before this LO is born.

    Any nursery pics? The kids use the same nursery and then progress into a 'big kid' room. It's yellow with Pooh Bear. I posted the LO's awhile ago.

    How are you feeling right now? Today I feel like crap. I have been fighting off throwing up all day. Up till now I have only had two really bad days. I guess that I can't complain too much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spottedjagiwar View Post
    WHAT! Michelle! How did I not know that you were preg!? BIG HUGE congrats! Was this a planned 4th? Will this be the last or are you brave enough to have more?
    Yes, we very much planned for a 4th. We were officially "not trying, not preventing" because it made my husband feel better. We were going to officially start trying the end of this month. Very likely this will be our last.

    I announced it in a thread with a card. I haven't announced it in real life yet, and likely won't for another month or so. My parents know, my brother (and his wife) know, and the person who will be watching our kids while we go to prenatal visits here knows and that's it.

    We all are really hoping to even the boy/girl numbers. (I feel like I can get away with that here and everyone still knows that we just want a healthy baby either way). Hubby's mind is boggled at the thought of any more, though if this is a girl he's said "Well maybe 5"... but he changed his mind again because I'm adamant about having equal numbers of children. LOL
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    How much longer till baby is here? 31weeks!!

    Do you have everything ready? LOL NO. we don't know where we'll be living at that time, so i can't set up a nursery...and i'm only 9 weeks i have time. lol

    Any nursery pics? read above

    How are you feeling right now? morning sickness alllll day, which is why i only lurk now. i haven't scrapped in a looooong time!
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