Exploding Box #1

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Exploding Box #1

Here is the first of the exploding boxes I have been working on. The other one still has quite a bit of work to be completed which I am hoping to get to tonight once Kayley is in bed. Anyways, this one is for my mum. My sister-in-laws (2 of them) own a jewelery making business and I have having them custom make my mum a necklace for Chirstmas which I will put inside the box as a christmas present.

I am pretty pelased with how it came out, although it is not nearly as fancy as some others I have seen.

Here are some of Kayley's craft projects that she is painting for Christmas presents for some family members.

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first, I can't get over how cute it was to let Kayley paint those nutcrackers! Love that idea! She did great! Smile

And the exploding box turned out fab! Love all the rounded corners.

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those nutcrackers are great! What a good idea!

I love that box, you did such a great job. It looks so good!

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Looks great!

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the box looks great!!!!!!! and I'm digging the painted crafts Wink

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This board is bad for me, I totally want to make one of those boxes! I love it.

the nutcrackers are adorable, I do things like that with my kids all the time, the poor grandparents have houses full of kid crafts hehe but they love it.

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Great job on the box Jess!! And I too love that you're letting her paint those. Darling.

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great box!!! cant wait to see the others!!!
and those nutcrackers are too cute!!! hehehe

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the box looks great!! and those nutcrackers are awesome Biggrin

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awesome exploding box! everyone who conquers these are brave...way to go!