Exploding box

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Exploding box

I finally did my exploding box. This was my first paper project in many years. I can totally see how this is addictive. Thank you, Charys, for the pattern.

Obviously, it still needs pics and embellishments.

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Wow, I love it! The colors you chose are great and I love the flower on the outside. Are you giving it to your husband or father? He will love it I know! Did it make you want to start paper crafting more? Biggrin

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Oh wow! That turned out great! I love the colors.

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love the colors.... great job!!!

You reminded me I have to get the coordinating supplies for the ones that I wanted to do.

You should paper scrap more.... that box is beautiful

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Great job Stephanie! Like the others have said, those colors are so nice together.
I was going to do one for my cousin for her wedding but she's being a snot so she's not getting one now. Lol

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That looks great! I love the colors, they just POP! Did it take long to make? I was contemplating trying to make one for a friend of mine's daughter who will turn one the end of June, but wasn't sure.

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That looks AWESOME! You did an amazing job with the colors! I really need to learn how to make one. Biggrin

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You did a wonderful job, the colors are great.


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It took about 2-3 hours to make. It would have been faster if it wasn't my first one.

I loved doing it and would be totally adicted to paper scraping except that I know I don't have the money to buy all the stuff that my friend has and I don't want the mess. I've thought about it though. I think I'm going to get a few basics anyway though, like the paper cutter and corner rounder.

Oh, and my friend taught me that you can score using a metal ruler and back of a butter knife. Smile

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Very nice!!

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Great job!!!

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Stephanie, that looks terrific! The colors really go so well together. I can't wait to see it completely finished with the pictures (will we get to see that?)

Great job!