Exploding Box Question

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Exploding Box Question

I am working on my exploding boxes and they are assembled, but I am unsure how to print the pictures I will use inside! For those of you who have done one how do you print them? How o you get the right size? Did you go from a 4x6 and crop it???? Help!

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I ordered wallet size pictures and trimmed them. I got them from Sams and they were 17 cents for 2 (of the same ones). They even cut them apart for me - though I kind of wish they hadn't b/c they didn't cut them right on the line but that's another story...

My pictures are pretty much the whole flap on each side. The height of the wallet is perfect - just had to trim the sides. HTH! I can't wait to see pics of your boxes.

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I cut pics I already had down, and they were regular size pictures. Smile And I decorated each page, so I'm probably no help. Mine took FOREVER!!! Smile GL

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I resized pictures (I measured the squares), put 2 on a 4x6 and then trimmed from there. I made them 3 mm short of the actual size on the box, so I had 3 different sizes.

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I decided how big I need the pics (I went with 2"x2" I think to leave room for tags on the flaps). I imported each pic onto a power point file (remember, I'm the crazy lady who scraps in power point) and cropped them and resized them. It ended up being two sheets of photo paper to print them all and they were just the right size.