Exploding Boxes (pic heavy)

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Exploding Boxes (pic heavy)

Finished for now! I had 7 to make before Christmas and 3 more for DHs family but we won't see them until next week.

Here is the link to the instructions I used

And.... the boxes! No two are exactly the same - the colors and pictures are different...

Here is the original one that I made a while back

here are the new ones... DH helped me cut pictures last night so it went a lot faster!

I used a stamp on the back of each lid like this

All together now!

Sorry if the pics are huge. I resized in photobucket but they are still big on my screen. Maybe I just need to refresh...

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The boxes look AWESOME!!! You have been one busy lady. What amazing gifts.

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I agree with Missy!!! GREAT job!!! Your reciepents will love them I'm sure. TFS

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they look fantastic

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those are all awesome! great work. I haven't been brave enough to venture into exploding boxes...kudos to you ladies who do them!

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Thanks ladies! These have reminded me why I moved to digital... no mess to clean up! When I'm finished with a page, I save it and go to bed. No gathering up supplies, throwing away trash and cleaning up glue messes. Wink

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Wow girl! those turned out great! I bet that took a looong time! They are going to love them.

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beautiful! And I love the stamp you used on the back of them!