Eyelet problems - any ideas?

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Eyelet problems - any ideas?

So, I got myself some eyelets, but couldn't find an eyelet setter sold on it's own - all of them came with kits, and I didn't like the colors of the eyelets in the kit. So, I found this 3-pack of eyelet setters at Walmart. They have a spring in the middle, and one end is a hole puncher, and the other end is the setter.

I cannot get the eyelets to set right. The backside just smooshes and doesn't connect to the paper. I'm trying to decide if the eyelet setters are just junk, or if it's the surface I'm using. I don't have a craft mat yet, so I tried using a cutting board to protect my table, and also a magazine. The eyelets are still smooshing.

Do you think this is because I'm not using a craft mat, or do you think I need to chuck the eyelet setters?

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You need a craft mat! I have the same pack from walmart of eyelet setters and have never had a problem. I bet it's from not using a craft mat??

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Ok, that's what I was hoping it was! I like the convenience of not needing a hole puncher and a separate setter - plus, it was nice to get three different sizes. I'm glad to hear you have the same set and don't have a problem. Craft mat will be my next purchase. I'm just having to get things little by little...

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You need a craft mat.
Try going onto a VERY hard surface...like your garage floor (I used to do that when I wanted to be quiet while the baby I was nannying was napping LOL).

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All I can say is good luck with that set, I had that set, had the craft mat and i couldn't get them to work for me. I had the same problem, I took one apart and held the tip on the eyelet and hit the other end with a hammer. I now have the cropadile, and used a 40% off coupon to get it.

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I use a soft piece of wood (a 2x4 actually). I think cutting boards are way too hard. You could also try some kind of foam, like the kids art foam over a hard surface.

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if you have an AC Moore near you, check them out. the Click It was on clearance at mine for 10 bucks (I paid $30!) and it's an awesome set and it comes with its own little mat.

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thanks for all these ideas!

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I actually bought my setter from the dollar store a few years ago, you have to use a hammer but it works perfectly.

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I have that same set. I have bent mine all out of shape because of not using a mat (and I am sure going at them at the wrong angle to), it's pretty horrible. My smallest one isn't even usable any more.

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I highly recommend the crop-a-dile!