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Facebook :(

My facebook account was hacked this morning - asking some of you for money because I was supposedly stranded in London. No, definately not in London. Anyway, my account has been disabled (thankfully) which means I no longer have facebook access and after this experience I may not sign up again. Anyway, thought I'd let you know that I didn't just disapear or defriend everyone over there.

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Ugh, don't people have anything better to do!?

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Ugh. Sorry that happened to you! Sad

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try not to let it get to you too bad. my myspace was hacked awhile ago. It sucks but it is possible on pretty much any site we visit.

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that totally stinks! sorry that happened to you Stephanie!

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omg! I've heard about that type of thing but I've never known anyone that it happened too. Thanks for letting us know. If you do decide to start over, let me know!

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They didn't get to the money part with me, but I totally fell for it (even though I'm pretty sure you would have said had you gone to London). I wouldn't have sent money though ... had it gotten that far I think I would have realized it. That sucks that you got hacked though!!!

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Poor Trina was so worried ... so then I got worried too!! I was actually glad to see that you got hacked, much better than getting mugged at gun point.

I hope my FB never gets hacked, that would suck.

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I hate that!! I'm sorry that had to happen to you chick.

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a good way to not get hacked is don't click on things that look fishy! Smile links are very dangerous! and if you get a msg in your inbox saying something weird that someone has sent you...don't click on it unless you can ask them directly through msn messenger or somewhere else. Smile i had my myspace hacked once. not on FB though. Sucks that it happened to you. Sad

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That's a smart way to con people. Even if you are weary of these scams it is easy to think "well maybe they really are in trouble". Sorry you no longer are on there Stephanie, those things are so violating.