Family Scrapbook project (OT/xp)

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Family Scrapbook project (OT/xp)

I've been planning this since my mom kept talking about scrapbooking her old photos. These are pages for them to frame to hang up. I'll also be making a book. Wink

Theme for the hanging pages: Them with Alison and Me.

My Grandma:

My Mom:

I'll update this as I go. Biggrin

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oh those are awesome!!!!

i'm sure they will truly appreciate them.

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That is very sweet of you! Are you going to wait until a special occasion (i.e. Christmas) to give them all to her? They turned out so pretty.

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The hanging pages I'll give them as birthday gifts while we are back home. Even though my dad's bday isn't until Dec. lol. Mom and Grandma's are in August and October. The photo album will be my old baby pictures, some blank pages for mom to add in pics, and a few pages with me and Alison pics. (I found some pictures where Alison and I are doing almost the same things. Kinda weird but cool!) The album will be my parents anniversary present. I'll be taking enough supplies with me so that I can add pictures to the blank pages if Mom has them, as well as journalling.

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aww! I love them:D how special

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Those are really cute. They will treasure them forever!

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