Fathers Day Cards

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Fathers Day Cards

Here are my poor attempts at making a few Fathers Day cards. I am very limited supply wise right now since I am out of work until mid-July. Kayley colored the fish. These cards are from her to her daddy, papa (my dad), and grandpa (DH's dad). The colors are pretty off in the pics because of the flash.

All the insides are the same.

She also made some travel coffee mugs for each of them, but they are drying and I haven't added the finishing touches just yet. I will take pics and add them at some point tomorrow.

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oh, those are cute! Smile

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those are soooo cute!

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I really like the idea of using Kayleys drawing! They're great! Smile

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How cute she added her touch to them Jess. They are super cute. TFS

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Not poor attempts at all! Biggrin Loving that she colored the fish. WTG Kayley!

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Love the face that you used Kayley's drawings for the fish! Very cute!

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Those are too cute - and they're not poor attempts at all!