Featured on my CT designers blog

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Featured on my CT designers blog

Just wanted to show you the honor I received this past week. It was sweet to be picked first off my team to be featured on her blog here:

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WOW! That's GREAT!

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COngrats! That blue eyes lo is still my favorite Smile

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LOVED reading that and seeing your LOs girl. Gave me goosebumps. Bet you are thrilled. Congrats girl!!

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That's so cool! Love your LOs she chose to feature. I like the last one a lot.

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way to go! what an honor Smile

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Wow... what an honor.
We should start some 'getting to know you' type threads for fun here. I really enjoyed getting to know more about the Stephanie behind the pages. Smile

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Congrats, your LO are always amazing! Doesn't surprise me a bit that others would think so too.

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Thats Great!!! They all look really good! I especially love the game night one. I might have to use that title for a page I am going to do Smile hope you don't mind:)

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That is very cool!! I also loved learning some tidbits about you, that was fun!

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That's so cool!! Go you!

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that's awesome! congrats on being featured first, that's neat!

and I love NY style cheesecake too. Smile

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CONGRATULATIONS! That's so neat! I loved reading your bio too.

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I was sure I replied to this. ... that's a great honor! Smile