Feeling bad, (Scrapbook related)

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Feeling bad, (Scrapbook related)

I am currently sorting through pictures to get it all sorted out, I have finished sorting Stephens first year and joshuas second year. The thing I feel bad about is that stephens 1st year scrapbook is only 19 pages. The reason behind that is we hardly saw him in his first year, so it makes sense why it is small, but I feel bad becuase joshuas first year is like 65 - 75 pages....

I was thinking of putting his first and second year together but that didn't seem right either.. We do see him more now, and his second and third year are going to be significantly bigger as we have him more often but I just feel bad.

Does anyone else feel bad when one childs scrapbook is smaller then the other?

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I feel the same way about my stepdaughter. We did not see her much in the first few years my hubby and I were married. And she was 11 years old when I first met her so I am still working on her first scrapbook where her brother and sisters each have about one book for each year. I am trying to use some old pictures and stuff but there is no way I will fully catch up.

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I feel bad about it for a bit, but then I get over it. It is what it is, no sense beating yourself up over it ya know?

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I would feel bad too, but not much you can do. If you want, you could do a couple of pages with no pictures. For example, I've done pages with just stats on them or pages with what is going on in the world when they were born, etc.

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Weird. I as just thinking about this today and hoping that i would be able to keep up with scrapping for my future children's books too. Smile

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it is what it is, you can't beat yourself up. and when he's old enough to see the difference, you can explain it to him in simple terms - you just saw him less so there were less pictures. believe me, it won't bother him as much as it bothers you.

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I agree with the others - there's not anything you can do about it, you can just 'make them up' now. :bigarmhug: