feeling really annoyed and disappointed (long and OT)
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Thread: feeling really annoyed and disappointed (long and OT)

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    Default feeling really annoyed and disappointed (long and OT)

    Not many people know this but Wayne and I had decided a few weeks ago to go ahead and become foster parents. I was so excited as we had talked about it in passing a few times but then decided to go for it ...(using our last daycare spot up as well as we can only have a total of 7 children in our care at one time (daycare licensing rule here)...
    We got in contact with a few foster offices and everything was going great...since we already have references for childcare, criminal record checks, childre first aid, etc, everything was going to go very quickly they told us...

    We had decided to take on a 2-3 year old girl as that would fit in perfectly with our current daycare kids, plus our families...I haven't been around here much because I was so excited about it all and off making things up for their bedroom like pink and purple wall hangings, etc...we were going to use my scrap room.

    Then this social worker calls and leaves me a message...it is apparently our local rules that no one can foster if they run a daycare from home What utter crap is that hey?! She said they do it to make sure the foster child gets enough attention....I'm all for that!...but how would having 6 other kids here from 8 until 5:30 be any different than taking on a foster child and having to send them to daycare if we worked outside of the home (which apparently happens ALL the time)? She couldn't even answer....I was sick listening to the message....and sent her and our recruitment officer a big bad email back (I'll post it if you want to read it lol)...

    I just don't get it....so many people are going to hear about this

    Thanks for being there girls
    Karen, dh Wayne
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    Hugs Karen! Gosh that is so weird. I'm sorry to hear about this and hoping that your letter will get you some explanations as to why they make this dumb rule at least.
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    karen I am so sorry you are such a good person that you would be a great foster parent just sending ((((((hugs))))))

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    Karen, I don't get it, but you guys are in my prayers.
    Erin~Mommy to Patrick and Sean.

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    Oh Karen! I am so sorry for the heart ache. that is a lame rule! I would love to read what you wrote them! ITA that your situation is a lot better then full time outside of the home parents who then send the child off to daycare.

    i'm frustrated for you!!! ugh!
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    So Sorry to hear that! That sucks big time.. and that makes no sense what so ever. I hope you can figure something out soon. I am really sorry about all this.
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    that is a dumb rule! i have a coworker who is a foster parent, and he is in school but he goes to afterschool care when she is still at work.

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    Oh no Karen. You've got to be kidding me?! That's so ridiculous. I'm so sorry hun!!!!
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    that might be the dumbest rule i have ever heard. i'm sorry. i hope your email can help them understand how silly that is.

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    How rediculous, whoever made that rule really wasn't thinking at all. I hope they really think about it after reading your email and reconsider it. Good luck and I'm sorry you went through all that anticipation to get a big fat no in the end.

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