feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed

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feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed

Usually, I am a very laid back scrapper. I don't worry about scrapping in order. I don't worry about scrapping one specific size. I just do it. Well, I am going through all of my printed pics and sorting them. I bought some photo albums and put each layouts pictures into a sleeve. I am going to go back and stick a note in each one with a reminder of what the pictures were so I remember why I want to scrap them. Wow, I have a LOT to scrap still I have a big box of pictures that I printed to scrap, but now I probably won't and still a a ton for each kid. Just looking at them and thinking I might not get the memories down for them makes me sad lol. I have a lot of catching up to do!

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awww, don't be sad! Every page of memories that you do get down is wonderful and special and important!

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I think you're doing awesome! You should see Miles' book. It has *maybe* 15 pages. And Vivian's? Her book is nonexistant. Sad I figure I'll have lots of time some day... :/

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Awww, don't feel bad. I can understand the feeling. It is so hard.

I agree with Mel, every memory you do manage to scarp is special.