fever of 105!!!

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fever of 105!!!

know this is ot, but need some extra thoughts and prayers!

Daycare called this afternoon and said that Scout had a fever of 105.3. Well, it was 104.3 under her arm but that's the translation. So I packed up Dylan and went to get her and take her to the doctor. They checked her ears first and they look fine. So did her eyes, nose, and throat - and her lungs sounded good, too. With a fever that high, they didn't want to just let her go. (It was still almost 102 at the doc's office nearly an hour after taking tylenol) So, they ran some tests. It was awful on her and me. The nurses passed Dylan around so that I could hold Scout, so that was good. They did a CBC (finger prick) and swabbed her nose and mouth. A few minutes later they came in and said she did not show signs of strep or flu (thank goodness!) but her white count was high. Very high. Usually, anything over 15 is considered high and she was 26. So, they took some urine. Normally, that would mean peeing in a cup, but how do you get a 15 month old to pee in a cup? You don't. She gets a catheter. She was wailing by now and I had tears in my eyes as well. Then we went across the hall to a lab and they took blood. That was rough. When we went back to the pedi's office they had some news from the first tests... her urine showed signs of a UTI. Good news, that meant we didn't have to go across the street for a chest x-ray. Bad news, she had to get 2 antibiotic shots in her legs. My poor child went through so much today!!! We had to wait there for 20 minutes to make sure she didn't have any reactions to the shots and Michael made it from work during this time. I think she was happy to see daddy after mommy put her through so much. So, she's staying home tomorrow until they can confirm the UTI and we can see how she's doing. I'll keep you posted...

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OMG poor baby and how scary 105! I hope she feels better soon and you get some answers.

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yikes! yeah, that is scary. and I know those tests, it's so hard on the little ones.

All of my kids just had fevers 103.5-104 over the past 10 days, I'm so done with fevers!! Our was a virus, so in a way you're lucky to have a diagnosis and a cure. But that's so sad about the shots in her legs. Hope she gets better fast!

Andrew had a temp of 107 when he was 15 months, but it was right after his MMR shots so they didn't even think I needed to bring him in. Crazy, huh?

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I know too how hard those tests are on a baby girl and her mommy. Sad Glad to hear they at least found a reason for the fever and hope those antibiotics kick in quickly. KUP okay? HUGS!!

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Already posted on Feb., but here's an extra hug! :bigarmhug:

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What a rough day for you both. I hope she feels better quickly!

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Awww, so sorry Mommy! Hope she feels better soon.

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wow so sorry Scout had to go through all that!!!

Hope she feels better soon. I'm sorry you had to go through that as well.

Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers

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doing somewhat better this morning after a rough night. napping now. if she has a fever when she wakes, doc wants to do a chest x-ray and more antibiotic shots.

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Sorry 'bout the rough night. I hope Scout feels better soon!

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That poor girl Sad I sure hope the antibiotics do the trick and she gets better REAL soon! We'll be thinking about you guys for sure!

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Aww, hope she gets through this really quick!

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Thinking about you guys! I hope she gets better quick!