A few cards

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A few cards

This one is hybrid. the h/b on lined paper is printed from the computer. I'm not sure i like this look. and the sewing is horrible, but i figured it would just add charm lol

And here is the first one i've made from the cricut in a loooooong time
the butterfly and plant are from Home Accents (i'm ordering Wild Card tonight!!!) I need a saying for this one but i can't think of one...

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I think I like the first one the best. It's really cool! You are rocking out some cards aren't you?

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Great job! I like the first one best too! Nice hybrid!

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how funny, the first one is my least fave lol thanks for the comments. Smile

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You've done great Smile

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The glittered butterfly is awesome! I can't wait to play with glitter paper. All of them are great! But my fave is the first and second.

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I love the 2nd and 3rd.

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I think I said this in a previous thread but I love the glitter paper. The big pink butterfly is the best, really makes the whole card pop. You are very talented with cards, I love them all.

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you are busy!!!! love the butterfly from the glitter paper, it looks great! they're all nice cards. Smile

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I love the cards! See, the cricut IS fun Wink

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I love how you did the larger H & B! That's too cute!

The butterfly is great and I like how you framed the smaller piece of the patterned paper.

That glitter paper is precious!

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Beautiful cards! I love all the glitter paper accents!

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I love it!