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A few cards

Just a quick post from the library before I have to go. I have a Bridal Shower and a Silent Auction to go to today. I wanted to get some videos for the kids because it's supposed to rain all day and then change to a blizzard.

This is for a Bridal Shower I'm going to this morning. The brown tone papers are all sort of a metallic shimmer, so they photographed much darker then they really are. The very back paper has a gloss to it too. The bride is a Pastor's wife and she's marrying a director of Christian Education (DCE).

And here is better detail of the crop cards.


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Very cool! You have a gift with cards.

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I love your style of cards. My favorite one is the 1st one! TFS!

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So pretty! I was all excited to see a card post from you this morning. Smile I really love the second card...the staples and design are really nice.
TFS! Have fun at the shower today.

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What a fun day! I love the last ones with all the different fonts of "Thanks!"

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Very neat! I hope you had a good time at the shower. I love the blue card - I couldn't tell before that it was an odd shape on top (not matching with the bottom I mean).

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you've done great!:D

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Love them all!! The cards you make are they the smaller ones? Cause they look like the size cards you'd buy in the store, not small like I make. But maybe it's just an illusion? If they are bigger, where do you get envelopes for them? Sorry, JC