a few cards and a layout..

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a few cards and a layout..

January is birthday month in my family ( my husbands, both of my SIL's, my aunts and my nephews!) , so I have a good excuse to make cards Blum 3

For my SIL

For my nephew

For my aunt

and a layout for Jamie's book.

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I love the 2nd one and 3rd onces. Love how they turned out, but they are all great!

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LOve the lo and the stickles!

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I especially love Warner's card! I'm going to add that to my lift folder. I can never think of a boy's card...and that was just perfect. The layout is great too!

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I love the cupcake one, i have a thing for those! They are all great though. The layout is ace too. Biggrin

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Great cards and that LO is AWESOME!!! I so love your style Angie. GREAT job!

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Those are great! I love the little ladybug!

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very nice cards!!!!! My DH's birthday is also in Jan (so is Natalie's). I need to get cracking on cards too. And I love the layout, adorable!

My favorite card is the one for your nephew, very cool and I have to lift it. Wink

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I'm going to have to go with the crowd and say that second one for Warner is just amazing and perfect. They are all pretty awesome though, I love all of your cards. The LO is super cute too!

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that layout is brilliant. Love everything about it Biggrin your cards are great too !

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Sounds like a great excuse as any, having tons of birthdays in a month! They're all great, I think the 7 is my fave!