a Few Halloween Cards

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a Few Halloween Cards

i guess im feelin crafty these days!! which is exciting... hopefully i can keep it up...

anyway here are some cards i made tonight. i dont usually send out Halloween cards but wanted to send them along with X's Halloween Picture People Portraits!
Theyre pretty simple but cute

Thanks for takin a peek!

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very cute! Did you make that spiderweb by yourself????

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Those are not what I'd call simple. Smile Love the spider and the tree...very cute Beckie..now where's that Halloween pic at??? I wanna see that too. Smile

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Those are super cute.

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i did make the spider web. it was just with some glitter glue!

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heres a couple of the halloween piccies:

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Great cards, and omg, that second pic of him is so bloody adorable!

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cuuute!! (the pics and the cards!!) my fave card is the purple one with the two trees

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So cute! Smile They will definitely bring smiles to faces.

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Adorable! I love the spooky trees!

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The cards are great! The pictures are very cute too.

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oh my what a handsome little devil!

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very cute!

but I don't understand why you'd give out Halloween cards. I mean, my MIL always sends one, but it's not something I grew up with at all. I guess I don't get it.