A few I had in Photobucket -

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A few I had in Photobucket -

Hi everyone! I just did the roll call. I am a "paper" scrapper but on a major budget so I try to the best I can with paper and a few simple add ons, but I can't afford all the embellishments and stuff. My motto is Keep It Simple & Get It Done! Here are a few I had in Photobucket from last year. I am currently cropping several month's worth of pics and I will post those when they are done, but just to see some of my work:

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Those are really good. They don't look like they are missing anything at all so you do really well without all the add-ons. I like the ballet one the best. Smile

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Well done! I agree you've done a fab job of filling up the page so you dont need all the fancy shmansy stuff Smile Im a budget scrapper too and I never spend more than $5 on a sheet of stickers or embelishments. Most of the time my limit is $2 unless its something that really is worth the extra money. I buy alot of stuff on clerance, at Joanns on sale, Walmart, or at Big Lots. I NEVER buy paper at scrapbook stores unless its something they wont have at a major craft store AND if its really special. I buy my paper on sale 6 for $1 or about that. I hope that helps you!

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I think they are all awesome and don't need anything else! I am a paper scrapper here too on a budget! Wink I hate spending money on those expensive stickers! Why do they charge so much for them! :roll:

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Fantastic LO's.

Like the others said you do awesome and don't need the extra stuff.


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Wow, those are amazing LOs! I wish I had that kind of talent. TFS

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great job!!!!

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I think they are great, I love your pp in the first two los

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those are great! i love the ballet one too! Smile i don't think you need anything extra added either! your background papers add a lot to the pages.. and adding too much more might make the pages look too busy.

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THANKS everyone!!!

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Hey! I'm with ya there! I'm def. a scrapper on a budget. A tight one at that. I print almost everything off my computer or draw out my own embellishments and cut them out. You did fantastic pages. I'm glad you shared them with us!!

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I think they are fabulous. I am with the others, they don't need anything extra!! Just perfect.

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wow, if that's keeping it simple, I'd love to see you after a shopping spree! Wink I love your work, your pages are so clean and visually appealing. you must have a knack for this, they're great!