a few layouts and cards

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a few layouts and cards

I haven't had time to scrap lately and I hate that! If I don't make time to get layouts done for a few weeks I end up out of it and not doing any for a few months.

I went to Gatlinburg with my family last week and we went to the big scrapbook store there. I picked up a bunch of cute stuff so that has me super motivated!

I can't remember what I last shared so if I have already posted any of these I am sorry for the reposting!

This card is for my sisters 17th birthday. I love how it turned out. I used a pack of thumbtacks from the dollar store for those circle things that are inside the flowers. lol.

This was my cousins sons birthday card. I copied the card I made for my nephew earlier this year.

This card was for my FIL's birthday. I got the idea from the Hero Arts blog (link) . We only put a 1.00 in it just to make him smile. He loved it.

This one was for a challenge at scrapattackscrapbooking.com to use a product label from a scrapbook product on the page. The thing that says All Girl came off of a pack of rub-ons.

This one is of Jamie and his Great Grandpa. This is the only picture of them together. My Grandpa passed away a year ago so I wanted to put everything I could about him on this one, so it is almost all journaling.

It seems like I already posted these next two so if I did.. sorry about that lol.

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Love love love them all! Briliant!!!

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do i even have to tell you how much these rock?! you know i LOVE your pages!! that card with the tacks-how creative!

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I think the Grandpa one is PERFECT! The journaling and photo is what makes it so sweet. You were right- you put just what it needed! Love the "7" card too!

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A double bonus!! Biggrin Another Angie POST!! HOORAY!! Seriously, you are so inspiring! Your work rocks...loved each one of these.

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Love all the little details white dots, ribbon, embossing ect and the $1.oo is my fave!!! Great job

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First of all, I hear ya on the scrapping. Cause now it HAS been months for me. I'm itching to scrap but can't find a spare minute, much less a few hours, to do it. Sad But I'm glad to see you're doing it!

I love the cards!!!! The thumbtack idea is so clever, and I love the 7 card. The candles are cute, and the dollar bill totally works!

The layouts are ALL fantastic, they really are. The great-grandpa one is so special, and I just love the photo. It speaks to the sweetness of the moment.

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Beautiful work! I love the card for your sister! Brilliant colors...and awesome creativity to use those thumb tacks! Smile