a few layouts and other stuff

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a few layouts and other stuff

I did these for Jamie's room.

and these for Allie's room.

and a few layouts. This one is from when were trying to go to SC for Christmas. So much journaling, I had to do it on the computer and you guys know that is not typically my thing. lol.

journaling says

When we went to S.C. for Christmas in 2009 we ended up in the middle of a bad snow storm. We were stuck on the interstate for 9 hours the first day and it is usually only a 7 hour trip. It was so cold so we had to run the heater as much as possible. I was so scared that we were going to run out of gas and that my babies would be cold. Jamie had a blanket and Allie had two, but without the heater I knew they would be miserable. Other cars were trying to move around us and every time they would try they would slide. I was afraid that one of their cars would slide into us. Jamie was so good. He watched cartoons on the MP3 player and ate yogurt tubes that we had brought with us. Allie was only 7 weeks old and didn't handle things as well. She cried a lot and I didn't want to take her out of her seat, even though traffic wasn't moving, because I was afraid one of the other cars would slide into us with her not buckled in. Thankfully, she was nursing, so I knew she wouldn't be hungry.

The plan was to get off of the interstate the first chance we had, but each time we made it to an exit, it was blocked by jack knifed trucks. We called Benji and Julie and had them help us locate some hotels to use if we could ever get off the interstate, but all of the hotels were booked. I was panicked, imagining us stuck on the side of the interstate all night with two small children. We finally were able to get off the interstate by driving the wrong way down the on ramp. There was a gas station there, but there were cars lined up all the way out of the parking lot. We couldn't possibly get in there. We ended up finding this Perkins restaurant. Thankfully it was open 24 hours. We got something to eat. We laid Jamie down in the backseat with his blanket and I held Allie in my arms. Eddie turned the heat on for 15 minutes at a time so we could stay warm, but not use up the rest of the gas we had. We slept there, in the car, until around 6:30 in the morning. I have never been so scared for my children. I was so afraid that we would sleep too long and run out of gas that I barely slept.

The gas station we had tried the night before was completely out of gas so we had to get back on the interstate and look for another one. We finally got gas and then started looking for a fast food restaurant to get something for Jamie to eat because he had slept through supper the night before. Everywhere we tried was closed because of the snow, so Jamie ended up having to wait until around 12:30 that day to get something to eat. He had only had yogurt tubes the day before and some peanut butter crackers so he was very hungry.

There were abandoned cars all over the interstate. They were in the median, they were on the sides of the road and they were in the middle of the road. We probably saw at least 200 cars stranded. Finally, we were making good time again and we could see an end to this long trip when all of a sudden traffic stopped again. We were stuck for a few hours again. The problem was that the road ahead of us was not plowed yet, so we had to wait for a snowplow to get there. When traffic finally started moving again, we followed behind the plow for a few miles at around 10 miles per hour.

When we eventually made it into S.C. it was like a totally different country. No snow in sight. The sun was out and shining and I have never felt such relief. The trip that should have taken 7 hours took around 27 instead. I am so thankful that we made it there safely.

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love them all!! i want to do some framed things like that for my kids room too!! its so creative!

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Great layouts! That trip to SC sounds horrific!

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oh, I love your framed art!!! I bet Jamie really loves his.

and that's quite the travel story, so glad you made it safely! I'm loving the naptime layout too, adorable! and I have to save the family one because I really love how you did the names on the side like that.

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Angie, this whole post rocks!!! LOVE those frames, I even called DH over to look at it. I am sooo doing something like this. Smile Only I need a cart with girly cuts on it. Smile Yours are adorable!!! Do you hang them randomly around the room or do you hang them grouped? JC

The LOs are awesome too. Love everything about everyone of them but I especially love the naptime one. Your style is awesome! TFS

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Love the frame ideas! Those are great! Where is that airplane and train from? Just curious?! I might want that cart! Biggrin I need to do SOMETHING creative for my kids rooms. I do it for everyone else, but not us!

Love the nap time lo. Naps are the best huh?

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Carrie, I haven't hung them yet, My SIL has a big Cinderella castle for Allie so I have to wait to see where I can hang that before I decide what to do with Allie's.

Jamie's are going to go together above each other on one of his walls.

Sadie, the truck, plane and train are from New Arrival's.

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I loooove the way you put the names along the side of your family layout. What a great idea! Love the framed art too. I have been trying to think of something like that for my boys rooms. The nap layout is great too. I love sleeping baby pics Smile

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love them!!! the idea of the 3 coordinated frames is awesome!

love those layouts especially the naptime. Way to go, great job

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Oh my goodness! You've been busy! I especially LOVE the frames for Jamie's room. So adorable, saving that in my lifts!!

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great work! I love how you did the little row of squares on that layout! ...so lifting that tonight. lol

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Planes, trains, and automobiles!!! I love those. Allie's are sweet too but I love the vehicles!!!

I love the square blocks on the LO too! Right in my scraplift folder!

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guess in my awe of looking at these over and over i forgot to post a reply! i love the framed art. what a great idea....this is something i want to lift for my sister. she is having a baby sept 1st and those would be perfect for the nursery!

the layouts are great too! Love your work....always!

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Oooh, what a fun thread to look at!! Seriously, EVERYTHING here is gorgeous.

That is a crazy, crazy story about your trip to SC. A similar thing happened here a few years ago with only 1/2" of snow...it took me 4 HOURS to go a mile. Fortunately I had just stopped to get gas and had also grabbed some m&ms...haha. I can't believe yall had to sleep in your car...that is crazy, but definitely something you will always remember and look back on with a laugh since it ended well!

Love the other two lo's too - and of course the frames. Great job on all of them!