A few LO's.....

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A few LO's.....

I used my Cricut Design Studio to make the lettering. These are all single cuts. This program rocks! I also sanded the maroon paper I did the whole sheet and edges, you can see the edges in the pic.

Thanks for looking!

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I love the "bucket O tyler" Lol how funny! you're not helping my cricut envy any Wink

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The title on the first one (and the pics!) had me laughing out loud (literally!). And I love the design of the second one - great job!

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That first LO is so colorful and fun. And you're saying with the design studio that you can cut the whole word out??? Wow!! That's cool!! Great work on them all.

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

And you're saying with the design studio that you can cut the whole word out???

Yeah, the machine alone will cut an individual letter or phrase that's provided in the cart already, but w/ the Design Studio, you can create your own phrase, words or designs and use the "welding" feature to overlap letters and the machine will cut it in 1 piece. It also lets you stretch your letters, what I also did to the title.

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Nice job!

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Nice work! You did such a good job on the second one of making a really great LO with multiple pics. And I just love that first one - it's so cute.

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oh my goodness! How cute is that first one?? The title is so clever and funny. I love the title and your twine on the second layout too. Great work Aja.

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I love seeing your Tyler pages! Smile

More great pages. The first one is so fun. And the double LO flows really well.


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That first one is so cute. I love the title and how you capture those little moments!

I never thought about sanding the edges of the paper! I'll have to remember that! TFS!

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The first one is so cute!!!

I love how you used buttons on the second ones!

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love the bucket one!!! I did a bucket layout, and called it "butt bucket" - it was Jordan in a bucket kinda like that. your layout gave me flashbacks. and great job on the BART ride layout. I've only used the trial version of the software, tempted to buy it ...

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The sanding turned out great. Really adds to the page. I love the string edges on that as well. It looks great and you still managed quite a few pictures onh those. The first one is great too, love the color.