A few LOs and a card

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A few LOs and a card

Here are the 3 LOs I have done for Mason's album. I did one LO for my nephew's album today, but haven't gotten a picture of it yet so I will add it tomorrow. And a card I made for DH for Father's Day. Am hoping to make a Father's Day card for my Dad tomorrow.

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Very cute, I love the nursery pics!!!

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Wow Kalee, you've been busy! I absolutely LOVE that card, so neat!! The LOs are great too! TFS

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Nice los!! The nursery one is great.

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beautiful! everything is so clean cut!:D

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Really nice! The card is ace. Loving the owl! Biggrin

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Great pages! Very neat and clean and love the double layout of the nursery!

Great card too! Guys are so tough and that came out perfect!


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I adore nursery layouts!!!!!! We did the airplane theme with Kayson's room too, so I'm partial. I really love the airplane embellishment you found! And the card rocks! Great work!

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I just love the nursery! I almost bought that line at babies r us. My ? is how did you get the embellishments to look just like the bedding? Did you cut them out of a package or were they wall decals or something? Love the other lo and I have to lift that card!!!! Is that tree branch a cricut cut?

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Thanks everyone!

The owl and frog were on the paper. It was a 12x12 sheet and I cut off the top with the owl, and the botton with the frog and made it into a 5x7. It is from the Friendly Forest collection.

The airplane embellishments came from left over wall border.

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Nice layouts. And really cute nursery. I also LOVE that father's day card.

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oh, I love the layouts. Mason's nursery layout has great embellishments. and your card is AWESOME!

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Great layouts - and your nursery is so cute!