A few more from me =)

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A few more from me =)

Here's a few more LO's from me. I am just waiting for his first bday this Saturday and then I'll make a 12 month LO and I am done with his first year, besides the little things like Firsts and such but I'll be printing those out here at home in A4 size. I am making him a yummy carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and decorating it with some candies I bought. Smile Can't wait! Anyway, not sure where I left off with the VC. So I'll just go ahead and share. Don't bother reading all the journaling Blum 3 I go a little nuts sometimes with that! It will kinda be like his baby book too.

and then of course this one again Smile my new fave!

And then A4 size (i guess 8.5x11). I took the picture from a video I had so not so great quality but I will have to see how it looks printed. All I care about is what it means to me. Smile And I find it funny how he looks like he's looking up at the bird and the nest and the bunny looks like he's looking up at Mikael. I didn't mean for it to be this way. lol But its cool.

And his first roll. Smile

thanks for looking!

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Wow Loida, you got lots done too! Love them all! That kissing one has got to be my fave though, I LOVE a LO with a neat title like that. That one is soooo perfect for that pic. TFS all your great work with us.

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those are good! you have been a LO machine! that word art is GREAT on the kiss page!

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Nice job!! I love the smile one!! SO CUTE!

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awesome pages!!! i love them all!!!

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thanks Smile i just printed the last two A4 size ones out. They turned out pretty good actually Smile despite the poor quality of the one picture. I accidently printed that one out on cardstock. I didn't know I had cardstock in there Lol Well.......now I know I can print stuff on cardstock!! LOL I've been wanting to find out. hehe

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So cute! i love your work....it's such a whimsical style! The bird's nest one is adorable! Smile and the ladder going up to the picture with the kite is cute!!

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LOIDA CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY ARE TURNING ONE! I almost cried today just thinking about it. Please post pics of him eating his bday cake, I would love to see them Smile Great lo's I love how you used the tree! Is he walking yet?

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Oh I know Sad part of me is in denial about him turning 1 Lol He is STILL my little wee baby! hehe OH and don't worry. I will be making a LO as soon as I can after he eats his bday cake! Can't wait! I'm gonna clean up today for tomorrow Biggrin just to clean up all over again! lol

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They are all gorgeous! I love your style too. I liked reading all the journalling cause it's like a peek at what DD will be up to in a couple of months. Biggrin I am going to be doing monthly ones like you have too.

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Those are sooo good! I especially love the 9 month one. VERY cute! I am jealous that you are almost done with your first year. I just did month 8 for Conner and he is already 15 months. ha

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Wow, you've been busy! I *LOVE* the fact that you do so much journalling!

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lol thanks.. it's a bit much perhaps :oops: but i love it Smile i need to write things down because I am already starting to forget! Sad