A few more new pages

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A few more new pages

I've done a few more that I can finally share Smile

At almost 2 years old you are such a “little mommy”. You love taking care of your babies the same way mommy and daddy take care of you. You especially like to give them kisses and hugs, like you did with the baby doll that Santa brought you when he came to our house, Chrismtas 2009. The first thing you did after Santa left and you stopped freaking out was to give the new baby a kiss - she really needed it after being wrapped as a present!

This was Kaitlyn's first V-day, 9 days old:

My friend's little guy in my parents back yard, the day after our wedding:

Miss K - the final version. Thanks for the title suggestions!

For a challenge

Thanks for looking! Smile Credits available if you want them, I was just too lazy to link them.

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Very Nice Pages Trina!

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You are amazing. these are so good. I really love the Princess one and the Little boys one. I love them all though!

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Wow!! I often just sit and stare at your pages...they are so amazing!!! LOVE all of these!!

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LOVE THE PAGES.. as usual Smile

Great work.

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I love all the color schemes you picked -- especially the first one!

My favorite is K's first Valentines Day. Too cute. I saw it on Bethany's site this morning. Smile