a few new layouts

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a few new layouts

We finally got moved and settled and dh got my scrapbook shelves up on the wall. I got everything unpacked and ready to go! WOOHOO. I haven't been able to scrap ( except digitally) in a few months so it feels NICE to be back at it.

These are the layouts I have done the last few days.


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very cute! I like the buttons in the first... creative!

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I love ALL of them!! Great job!!!

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I love how you put part of the title into the photo on the second layout. I always enjoy your pages, because you've got some great creativity!

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Great job! You've got some awesome ideas and I love your use of circles. I never have made a layout with circles.

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they look great!!! I love how you inked the edges of the photos in the second, and that third layout is wonderful!

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I have always loved all of you pages. These are no exceptions! Glad you are back to scrapping! TFS!

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Wonderful, Wonderful LOs. I love them all and everything about them. Great job!!

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Very cute, you did a great job!

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those are all great

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very nice! I like your style!

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I really love your blocking on all of the pages ... and the colors - great job!

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thanks for the nice comments everyone!

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the layouts are great! I love the journaling of "I made a wish..." That is so cute. he looks so cute on the little tricycle. Very good job.