A few new layouts to share

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A few new layouts to share

So after getting far behind with Noah's book I am just about caught up I think all I have left to do is a calender to go with his 8 month page

Anyway here they are


I'm still not sure if I am happy with the 7 month one so if any of you have any suggestions that would be great

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How sweet. Love the newborn one the most I think. He looks so precious in them all though. TFS and congrats on getting caught up..I don't know how that feels. Smile

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those are wonderful. I really love the first one, it's gorgeous. and the 7 month one caught my eye because he looks like such a big boy there. the only thing I'd change on that would be the journaling - I think it's too hard to see in white. Can you change the color to match his pants? that way you stay in balance, so to speak. (I change my font color to match things in my photos all of the time using the eyedropper to grab a color). Also, maybe you could move the "seven" up a block height - to me it seems a bit distracting to have it level at the bottom with "months" rather than more centered on it. But that's just me, I like symmetry.

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I love them! The first one is really sweet and beautiful. I think it's my fav.

Actually your 7 month one is the one that stood out the most in all of them -- in a good way. Smile But I do like Gwen's idea of changing the font color on the journaling.

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Great job! I wish I could feel caught up:) I love the 8 month LO the best!

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I agree with Gwen about the 'Seven" being moved up a block, or maybe to the top of the page on that side, that's the only thing I can think of though, I love them all!

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Great job on these, I especially like the first one!

That's awesome that you've caught up. I'm really behind on Emily & Tyler's book and have yet to start of their months! I've mainly been doing favorite pics, special moments. etc.

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Wow, I'm so excited for you, getting caught up! I wish I could say that! I love the sparkly stars on the Family page. the first page is so precious, I can't get over how perfect he looks. I personally like the 7-month page- the picture really pops. The white writing does blend in a little, but I think it will be perfectly fine once you print it in full size.

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Isn't it funny that sometimes the pages we are unsure about are often the best? A lot of times when I don't like a page, I post it and everyone likes it! Because my favorite page is your 7 months page! I love the circular journaling and block title.

You did really good on all of these! I love the 8 months page too. Such good colors.

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I was going to say that my fav is the 7th month page! I love the colors and the blocks. WTG on getting caught up! Biggrin

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First of all, I am so jealous that you got so many done!! I am so far behind it's ridiculous.

They are all so good. I love how they all have such unique looks. And I have to say, I love the blocks on the seven month page. I have some of those and I was never sure how I would use them, but stacking them like that is perfect!