A few new LOs from me..

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A few new LOs from me..

I haven't posted any LOs lately so I thought I'd get with it tonight and put some up here for some C&C.

Let me know what you think....

A LO for my son - explaining that the only reason I discipline him is because I love him and want him to be the best boy he can be!

My Thanksgiving page - I printed the pictures small so that I could oput them all onto 1 LO.

A scraplift - using the song " In My Daughter's Eyes"

Just some cute pics of my kids (with their grandpas and with each other!)

Our apple picking day.

My son is finally potty trained!

My DD's cute little bum....

Thanks for looking!

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Those are some AWESOME pages! I LOVE the little bum page! I might have to scraplift that one! Wink You use such wonderful colors! I also love the 'enjoy every moment' page! TFS!

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you have been BUSY!!!! I really love the pages. I think it's neat that you did the first layout about the discipline, just a nice reminder. and you really have done some terrific work. I'm saving a couple to scraplift from. Wink

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They are fabulous! I'm not sure where to start with the compliments! I was impressed at how well you used quite a few pics on a page then jumped to pages with only one or two. You are good at using the pages. I love the way you did the journaling on the first page. You captured so many moments and special thoughts with these pages, they make me teary eyed. TFS

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Cute, cute, CUTE! That is really all I can say, I love them all!

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Wowsers! They are all so great, I'm just gonna hit on a few things I love!! (And will hopefully scraplift in the near future. Smile )
#1. I love the way you did a page on discipline to show love....very cool!
#2. The brads are so cute and you fit all those pics without making it cluttered at all. Great!
#3. Such a sweet page. Good use of buttons and ribbon.
#4. My favorite of them all!!! Awesome! I love the journaling strips, the paper colors and choices and they way you grouped the pics together.
#5. Again, so good at using multiple pics without clutter. And I like the swirls.
#6. Potty training! Cute page idea! I'll remember that for future scraplifting...hehe.
#7. What can I say?!? CUTE!!

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those are super cute Smile

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Wow. Very talented. You use color and embellishments very well. I could definitely learn from your style.

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Those are really fabulous! You have sure been busy!
I LOVE the different paper strips on the first one. I am so going to scraplift that idea! Smile
You did a great job on the second one getting all those pictures in.
The potty training one is awesome. I can't wait till I can make one about that Wink
And of course the bum one is toooo cute!

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Beautiful job on all your LO's!