A few new ones from me

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A few new ones from me

I scrapped, I scrapped! Yay! These are actually all for my CT's, but I'm glad it got me scrapping again.

This is my friend's little girl, she's an excellent photographer, and she said I could play with her pics Smile

This is the one I was working on last night, I changed it a bit

And this one is about my nephew, I think I'll put this one for the journalling challenge (but I have awhile to make up my mind on that one).

TFL! Credits available if you want them (haven't posted in online galleries yet).

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Those are great Trina. I love the top one! Very unique.

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All three are excellent Trina! I especially like the third one. You do great pages with paper blocking like that. Very nice!

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There you are Trina!! LOL Those pages are great! That first one is fantastic...love those pics and the LO is phenomenal TFS

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I really like your use of circles under the paper blocking. Gives a new twist to a trademark sort of page. Love it!

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those are great Trina!!! Love them all. I love the colors and quote in the first one. Love the overall look in 2nd and 3rd. Awesome job!!

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great pages!!! love the first one its adorable!

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Great job on the blending in that first one. The colors and everything came together really nicely.

I love how you have 3 different styles here.

Smile Great pages, all of them.

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That first one is absolutely beautiful, were that my little girl I would frame it. They are all great, like Mish said I like circles along with the blocking in that third one.

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I love the first page! So very purty! You really blended all of it together very well!

I like what you did with the second one as well. Smile And you do an awesome job when you use those color blocks. I love the colors on it as well.

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