A few new ones from me

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A few new ones from me

I haven't posted any pages since the VC, but I've been busy. Smile The first is my Project 365 page for week 20

I printed 9 pages last week for my 365 book and I love them! I'm gonna get more printed when I get paid again.

These two are for my CT. They are using the kit "Reading Time" by ScrappyCocoa

I have two more finished, but I don't think the kit is out yet, so I'm not supposed to post them until it's out. Wink I'm working on my week 21 page (can you believe it's so far into the year???) but I think some of my pictures are on the memory card that I left at school. Poo. Oh well, hope you're all doing great! One more week of school left and then I'll be on much more often!!!

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GREAT stuff Carrie!!! Glad to hear you're getting your 365 pages printed. You'll love that you did that I bet as your children age. How sweet. Love the block party page. NEat that your neighbors do that. Looks like a blast! The wording on the sue sue page seems messed up...appears there's two she's in it. Wink FYI TFS

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Those are really cute! I love the idea of scrapping a page for each week. I wish i were that motivated!! Smile

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Carrie, those look great! I love how you used those tabs for your journaling on the first one. Can't wait to see the others too.

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really love the Story Time layout! Great job on all of these!