Few new pages... (bigger images!)

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Few new pages... (bigger images!)

I have been working on another Artscow book for Kayley and here are a few pages I have done:

On my bb we did a DITL thread for each child recently. I took all the pics we took for Kayley's DITL and scrapped them. I will only share a few pages since all of them are the same basic layout with different backgrounds.

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can you make them bigger? I'd love to see more detail. love that first one!

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Very cute. I LOVE the ladybug layout.

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Cute stuff! Its such a great idea to make books like that for her!

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They look great from what I can see(they look really small on my computer) I love the ladybug one

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I agree that ladybug one is adorable. I too wish they were bigger. Smile What a great idea to scrap a DITL too. We had one of those, it was a lot of fun. TFS

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Ok! On my way to photobuckt to make them BIGGER!!!!

ETA: Ok they are bigger!!!! Stupid photobucket gave me a hard time so some are different sizes.... Argh...

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hooray for bigger pictures! they're really cute - love how you're capturing so much for her. Smile

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i LOVE the MoS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great pages!! the first ones adorable!

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Hehehe. Great idea for DITL memories. Sounds like a lot of us have done DITL. We should dig up our old threads.

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Very neat, I love that first page!

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Great job Jess! The design of the second layout is going in my lift folder! So nice! And I love the ladybug page. A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!

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I agree, the first one is tooo cute! I also like the museum of science one. The graphics are really cool.

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They look great. My favorite is the ladybug one, of course Wink

I'm glad you are making the books. I must admit thought that after having a few artscow books printed, I definatley prefer shutterfly - the colors and quality are just so much better. Of course they cost more too though.