few things I have worked on lately- (pic heavy)

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few things I have worked on lately- (pic heavy)

I've been busy! Not sure how I had the time, but I found it! Biggrin I enjoyed EVERY minute of it!

Frame idea from Ash! LOVED making this!

Few cards

LO- this wasn't quite what I had planned, but I do like it. The pics don't look that discolored IRL. Must be my lighting.....

Altered rolodexes- these were so much fun! I will be making more of these! PERFECT for scraps!


Thanks for looking!

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oh my gosh. i just LOVE the rolladex..es lol!! im gonna have to make me one for my new job/office/desk!!!! Biggrin *inserts in lift folder*

and your cards are just great!!love that you used buttons, one of my favorite embellishments when paper scrapping/card making!!

and your butterfly frame came out awesome, love the paper choices!!!

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all of it is so good!! I especially love the framed butterfly pic. The colours you chose are awesome Smile

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I agree that I also love the rolodex. Great idea. Love all your stuff.

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wow wow wow! you are so creative! i love looking at the stuff you make!! amazing girl!

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Your butterfly picture turned out great!

Your cards are so cute and I never would have thought to use paper clips on them. I think that is so neat:)

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"iluvmygemini" wrote:

wow wow wow! you are so creative! i love looking at the stuff you make!! amazing girl!

Sorry, but I'M NOT CREATIVE! I just take other's ideas! ROFL Seriously. The rolodex and butterfly frame was from Ash! Now SHE'S CREATIVE!!

Thanks ladies!

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they came out great Sadie! You do have creativity, btw ... you took those ideas and made them your own! Smile I love the colors on the rolodexes you did. And the colors/patterns you chose for the butterflies is really pretty.

Love the tiny fingers and toes LO. Nothing cuter than chubby little baby feet!

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Oh my goodness, I love how your frame came out with the inking!!! And I can't believe how busy you've been - especially on those Rolodex! They both turned out awesome!!!

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yeah! happy to see more from you. love the fingers/toes layout, too cute! and your cards look great - love the paperclips! the framed butterflies is so neat (& pretty). and very cool rolodexes!

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oooh, the way you framed the words "tiny" on the layout is adorable!! That's so sweet.
Love both rolodex files! My favorite is the butterfly frame. The inking added just the right touch. so pretty! Glad to see work from you! I've missed it!

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These are all great. I love everything. The rolodex ones are just so cool. I love that idea!

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Glad you got some time to get some stuff done Sadie. I know how refreshing it feels to come back to it after being gone for a while. I love all of this, but have to say that frame is outstanding!! Love the colors of everything in it, even the frame, and I'm not usually a fan of dark wood frames. It's all so pretty! TFS

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Wow...I love the way your frame turned out! I really want to do one of those. Everything is awesome, actually! You HAVE been busy! Smile

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they all look great!