Finally the cards I made last night. :)

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Finally the cards I made last night. :)

So I got a little carried away with the same design. It was so easy and fun I decided to make 6 of these. (I actually made one more in different colors for a birthday, but didn't take a picture of it before it got dark)

The greeting is a rubber of those inexpensive foam ones. Smile Still does the job fine.


Karen sent me some of the coolest stuff this week and amongst the lot was this great fiber(?) stuff that I HAD to try out right away. Wink So I made this birthday card:

see the natural fiber?

is that not the coolest stuff? Scott said that was one of his favorite cards yet....he loves the texture. Smile THANK YOU AGAIN KAREN!!!!!!!

I used my sewing machine on all of these too. That's my newest addiction. But I did figure out how to re-thread my machine last night, so you will see things in different colors but yellow (the color it came threaded with) in the near future.....LOL!

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ok, here's the last one. I am not happy with it. Had a different vision for it but didn't turn out like I wanted.

gotta show the good and the bad though right?! Wink

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Wow! I love them all! I like the so called bad one too, the lined circles are cool! How did you get the fibers to stick? I think the pink with the blue birds really brings out all the colors! I always look forward to seeing your cards!

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Wow those are nice!! I love the last one...

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Thank you!
Zene, I dotted my clear glue stick all over it then stuck it onto the paper. Worked really well.

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I Love them all but my favorite is the one with the mesh from Karen! I see you are getting crazy with that sewing machine, I LOVE it!

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awesome!!! I love the bird patterned paper, I think that's my favorite part of the cards. Wink they're all great! so neat how you used the mesh. and the card you don't like, well, I like it. Smile

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They are all so pretty Charys! Love them all and I agree that fiber rocks. Great work girl!

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They are great! I love the bird paper, too. Very, very, cute! I can see why you got carried away and made a bunch! Smile

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Beautiful! I love them all.
I did one page with the sewing machine and LOVED it, but haven't done anything since. Love that look!

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They all turned out fantastic. I want a sewing machine so bad but I'm pretty sure DH would kill me if I spent that much just to sew on scrapbook pages. Way to enable, Charys!!! Biggrin