Finally a Cricut post from me (edit:video directions on post #11)

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Finally a Cricut post from me (edit:video directions on post #11)

ETA: video on post #11

Well, even though its baby related!!!!! Lol

This is for the shower I am going to this weekend. It's my great aunts daughter who is expecting. I'm really close to my aunt. Mom to be is quite young and unmarried so it has sparked some raw emotions amongst our conservative family. I just wanted to do something special for her b/c one thing I have learned is not to judge God's perfect timing. This baby is and will be a blessing!

Booties for mints (no cricut!) I made 30 of them last night and was amazed at how little time it took.

Diaper cake



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Great job!!!! What cartridge did you use ?

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"Cherrykitten" wrote:

Great job!!!! What cartridge did you use ?

Thanks! I used New Arrival for everything except the "It's a boy"- that was from beyond birthdays.

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Wow! You did a fabulous job-they're both gorgeous!!

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Awesome! Love the booties Smile and your diaper cake looks great! Glad you are doing nice thing for the mother-to-be, families can be hard on each other.

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Wow Kelly!! They are both so neat! Those booties are darling, and that cake is just amazing!! She is so blessed to have you on her side, that's for sure. It's always nice to know someone is pulling for you when it seems no one else is. TFS

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wow wow wow! can you be my friend in RL?? i need some of those creative juices! Biggrin those are amazing. those booties are ADORABLE!! very creative! that diaper cake looks great!

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Those are awesome! You totally have to share how you did the booties!

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Great job Kelly!! Those booties are too cute! (what a great ideal!) I LOVE the diaper cake! It's beautiful!!

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sooo cute! are you good at everything you do? Lol

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Alright, if any of you make fun of my southern accent, you'll be in for it!

Here's how to make the booties

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That diaper cake is AWESOME!!!

Those booties are so cute and simple. I'll have to use those at some point!

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that video is awesome! ill have to keep those in mind!

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AWESOME diaper cake! I have new arrival, so I will have to remember that. My friend is due in september. I love how simple yet cute those booties are...I will have to remember those too Smile

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You REALLY need to submit this project to Cricut!!! If they choose you, you could win a cartridge! It's amazing!

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that's an awesome diaper cake!!! Smile love the decorations on it. and cute booties for the mints. now I want mints. ha ha ha