Finally did a LO! :)

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Finally did a LO! :)

Thank you for the laughter challenge, Karen! This is one of my favorite pages that I've done in a long time!!! (Okay, well, I haven't done a single page since July I think, but still it's one of my faves ever! lol) And thank you Tia for the idea of the flowers around the edge of the circle. I had the whole LO done but I just felt like it was missing something on the left hand side, and suddenly I thought of the LOs you have done with the flowers. The only silk ones I had were more Hawaiian looking and didn't really match the other embellishments I had used, so I just made some with the Cricut. They definitely made the circle look more complete!


You have the greatest laugh! Daddy and Evan can almost always make you giggle, and sometimes once you start it's hard for you to stop! It makes me happy to hear you having so much fun.

My hope for you is that whatever comes your way in life, you will always have the same sparkle in your eye that you have right now, you happy little girl. Always laugh! Love, Mommy

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ok wow! that page is awesome!!

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You have some major mojo lately I love this one! The picture is incredibly cute too, perfect for the subject.

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That is beautiful. I agree, it's one of your best... so simple and yet so utterly stunning!

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That LO fits together so PERFECTLY! It's great! The colors compliment that picture really well. And that picture really is sooooo adorable!

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this is very adorable!! i love the ribbon at the bottom!!

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I am a HUGE fan of yours Katie! LOVE this one!!

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Such sweet journaling! I love the colors you chose, too. I thought of your picture when I saw the laughter challenge, so I'm glad you got to participate! The flowers are a great touch and I like they way you bunched the ribbon at the bottom. Cuteness all around!

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Katie, your work is so inspiring! I'm in love with this page! Everything about it rocks.

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Thanks, ladies! Although I can't take all the credit. This was most definitely inspired by a LO in an old issue of Scrapbooks, etc. I am a hard core scraplifter! LOL

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Wow! I love it! So glad i inspired you. I love the staples that you added to the circle. It's just a little touch that completes your page!

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Adorable! I agree the flowers are great. Smile

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It did really turn out great! I love the flowers around the edge, I am going to have to remember that!

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Wow, Katie, this is awesome! I really love everything about it, especially the word 'laugh' on top of the photo, the flowers, the folded ribbon, everything!

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Katie, I freakin' LOVE THIS!!! It's perfect! And the journaling is awesome, love what you're conveying to your little girl in your message to her.